The team at OM Civil love a challenge, and that’s exactly what we were met with when we took on civil works for Glenmore Heights Estate – a 37 lot rural residential development nestled in the picturesque Gold Coast hinterland.

With consideration of the area’s steep terrain and sensitive ecology, it was clear that a deft approach to engineering and civil construction was needed to successfully bring the site to life.

Our team partnered closely with developers Design Build Instruct, and together we overcame the projects’ challenges swiftly and efficiently. As a result, bulk earthworks, steep grade roadworks, drainage works, water reticulation, and electrical and landscaping works were delivered on-time, on-budget, and with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

In addition, we undertook traffic management and widening of a section of Glenmore Drive. Despite less-than-favourable weather and one of the nation’s worst recorded flood disasters, this too was finalised rapidly and without incident.

With stages 1 and 2 now fully sold, we’re delighted with the progress that’s been made at Glenmore Heights Estate, and so is Design Build Instruct’s Development Manager Simon Halcrow. Hear his thoughts about the project, as well as OM Civil’s performance, in the video below.

Video Transcript


– G’day. My name’s Simon Halcrow. I’m a Development Manager for Design Build Instruct and we are standing here today at Glenmore Heights Estate which is a 37 rural residential development in the back of Gold Coast at Bonogin, 20 minutes from the beach.

There’s been quite a lot of shortages in land availability here and land of this size and being only 20 minutes from the coast and still having that country feel, it’s quite rare. Average size, you’re looking at about five acres? Just behind me we’ve got some of the best views looking over Springbrook Escarpment and all over Numinbah Valley and out that way. It’s quite beautiful.

All the stage ones sold, stage twos sold and stage threes. We’re probably gonna do some house and land packages out there. When you look at how much we’ve sold the allotments for and the design that people are putting into their actual houses, it’s gonna be a very enviable estate to live in. With the lack of land availability and the beautiful products that’ll be on site, it’d be a beautiful place to live in.

I came into this job as a Development Manager towards the end of the DA process. We gave it a bit of a kick into gear and got things moving and as part of that we went through a tender process and as a result of that we landed with OM Civil and I met them through a couple of engineers and they seemed pretty proactive in the way in which they introduced themselves and positive as well and realistically that’s also shown in the way in which all their staff operate on site. So for me, it’s really important in the people, that we get on here. There’s no egos, there’s no attitudes and every discipline that we’ve got, and primarily speaking about OM today, they’ve been very positive and proactive in any issue that I’ve had to address. They’ve got a very positive, can-do attitude which is very, very important to me. There’s quite a few challenges on this site. There’s steep terrain that we’ve gotta deal with. There’s a lot of environmental matters that we have to address appropriately. We’ve also had some really positive council employees out on site with their inspection and assistance in making sure it’s gonna be a top class estate. We’ve had both ecological matters that we’ve had council assistance get through, which has been fantastic, and we’ve had quite difficult engineering obstacles that we’ve had to solve those issues with the steep land challenges that we’ve got.

Some of the roads at the DA stage were not even to your Australian Standard requirements for grades. So we came in and modded the DA, done detailed design and OM Civil were involved in that whole process as well with their engineers which is fantastic. So from the minute that we have set up this project team we’ve had a partnership, that’s probably the purest way to put it, is every single discipline on this job, it’s been a partnership, positive, proactive and it’s just solutions focused which it’s hard to find these days.

I have no problem whatsoever recommending OM Civil for anyone, regardless of whether I’m the Development Manager on the job. They’re that good. And I don’t say that lightly. I don’t say that about many people. This project team on this job is just so proactive and positive. I haven’t seen it before and I want to keep it alive. You don’t find that very many places.