Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast Urban Utilities

OM Civil’s expertise in the utilities sector allows for prompt installation and upgrade of vital infrastructure, with minimal disruption to current services.

Projects involving water, wastewater, electrical, and telecommunications utilities require a strategic and considered approach. These services are essential to the communities in which they operate, and delivering them on-time and to specification is of the utmost importance. OM Civil has a proven history of completing Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and Northern NSW utilities projects under even the most challenging circumstances. From managing the upgrade of live services in tight road corridors, to installing new infrastructure in variable, low strength ground conditions, we thrive on the complexities presented by utility works.

Just some of the services we offer in this field include:

  • Diversion of Live Utilities
  • Sewer Design and Installation
  • Trenchless Thrust Boring
  • Temporary Signalling
  • Earthworks
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Pavement Works
  • Manhole Construction
  • Traffic Guidance Systems
  • Lighting
  • Side Track Construction


Recent Utilities Projects


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