Along with our diverse range of civil construction services and unmatched expertise, one of the main reasons clients in South-East Queensland and New South Wales consistently choose OM Civil is our reputation for early plan sealing.

It’s saved innumerable time and money over the years, and delivered better outcomes for developers, city councils, and industrial corporations alike. But what is it exactly? And how can it benefit your project?

What is Early Plan Sealing?

Before diving into the merits of early plan sealing, we first have to understand what plan sealing actually is. 

Essentially, it’s the final tick of approval that your survey plan has been completed in accordance with the relevant council’s standards and conditions (as outlined in the development approval). 

Whether it’s a residential subdivision, block of apartments, or a public space such as a park, plan sealing is an evitable part of the construction and development process. Without it, the project cannot be finalised and titles for any subdivided lots cannot be issued. 

Unfortunately, many developers and contractors pay little thought to obtaining this crucial approval until the very last minute. This leads to lengthy delays that cost all parties time, resources, and money.

OM Civil’s Approach to Plan Sealing

Our team understands the importance of efficiency when it comes to plan sealing. We take a proactive approach at the start of the project to ensure necessary works are completed as quickly as possible, and that everything is in place for a successful early plan sealing application.

This was shown in our rapid delivery of an 81 lot residential estate in Logan. After accelerating the site’s bulk earthworks, roadworks, sewer works, electrical, landscaping and water works, developer Lexen Group was able to lodge for early plan sealing and acquire lot titles from the Logan City Council ahead of schedule prior to the Christmas break and 4 months after councils prestart.

Reflecting on the experience, a Lexen representative said OM Civil’s productivity was a win-win for everyone involved.

“The [OM Civil] site crew have been outstanding. They went above and beyond to deliver the project early. It meant we got lot titles earlier, and owners could start making use of their property sooner.”

All 81 of the estate’s lots were sold soon after, and the Council approved the land for construction of single dwelling, dual occupancy and duplex housing.

OM Civil Director Michael McVeigh said he was proud of the team’s work on the project.

“OM Civil’s priority is working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals,” Mr. McVeigh said.

“Whether that involves early delivery of civil construction, specific environmental outcomes, or conquering tricky engineering challenges, our team has proven that they have what it takes to get the job done.”

More proof can be found in the raft of projects we’ve undertaken recently. Early plan sealing was achieved in the following, just to name a few:

40 Lot Subdivision – Bumstead Rd (titles lodged within 3 months)

81 Lot Subdivision – 287 Loganview Rd North (titles lodged within 4 months) 

19 Lot Subdivision – Bayes Rd (titles lodged within 3 months)

20 Lot Subdivision – Dorrigo, NSW (titles lodged within 3 months)

60 Lot Subdivision – Chambers Flat Rd (titles lodged within 4 months)

How to Achieve Early Plan Sealing on Your Project

Due to constantly shifting supply chains, unpredictable weather events, and other unforeseen circumstances, there are no hard and fast guarantees when it comes to the timeline of civil projects.

Having said that, OM Civil has a proven track record of securing early plan sealing for those within the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Redland Bay, Logan, Ipswich, Scenic Rim and Bellingen local government areas. Our knowledge of the relevant procedures, coupled with the experience and tireless work ethic of our team, means your project is given the best chance of attaining early plan sealing.

For a discussion about what’s possible, reach out to the friendly team online or via phone. More information about our past projects and services can be found in our capability statement, which you can view via the form below.