OM Civil, a family-owned civil construction company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

This milestone marks a decade of commitment to their unique, personalised, and relationship-based approach to the Civil Construction and engineering industry.

The Early Days

Founded by Greg O’Shea and Michael McVeigh, OM Civil started with a clear vision and strong belief in their engineering capabilities and experience. Despite the challenges, they were confident in establishing themselves in the industry.

“I was always confident in our ability to achieve something like this and establish ourselves within our community as a leading South-East Queensland construction company,” says Greg O’Shea.

Michael McVeigh reflects, “Our intention probably 10 years ago was to start something and see where it takes us. But in the last six or seven years, we have seen the guys develop and realise we’re also part of a business that creates opportunities for all the workers to grow.”

Milestones and Achievements

Over the past decade, OM Civil has completed numerous civil construction projects, demonstrating its expertise and reliability. The company has grown in team size, capabilities, and services, operating its own fleet to ensure project delivery.

Major projects and pre-qualifications for transport in QLD and NSW have highlighted their growth and success in the civil construction field.

Recent achievements include developing detailed practices, enhancing and maintaining relationships with the various councils, suppliers, subcontractors and consultants and continually updating systems to enable developers to obtain early plan sealing and cash flow in an incredibly competitive market.

The Team Behind the Success

OM Civil’s success is attributed to its remarkable team. The company has always held true to its core values, integrity and identity. It has cultivated a culture of family values, mutual support, excellence and recognition of achievements.

“Michael and I have never deviated from our initial company objectives. We’ve stayed true to our values, pushed our clients agendas and that’s held us in good stead and got us to where we are today,” reflects Greg O’Shea.

Michael McVeigh adds, “The strength of our team is the strength of our people, and to be able to keep providing opportunities for our people to grow with the business is why we’re in business today. We’ve maintained an incredibly low staff turnover, in a demanding and continually changing industry and that’s a testament to everyone wanting to work together and challenge each other along the way.”

Training and development initiatives have been crucial in maintaining high standards and fostering a supportive team environment.

Commitment to Community

OM Civil’s passion for supporting the local communities in which they work and live is another cornerstone of their philosophy. They have consistently engaged in community projects and initiatives, contributing to improving the areas they serve.

Developed Understanding of Key Regions

OM Civil has developed a profound understanding of the key regions they serve, including South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This regional expertise allows them to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each area.

Long-Term Clients and Team Members

Long-term clients have consistently praised OM Civil for their professionalism, reliability, and high-quality work. These testimonials underscore OM Civil’s positive impact on their projects and satisfaction.

“It’s been a wonderful journey, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved to date… The wonderful support from our team and our clients has been remarkable, and they’ve embraced what we believe is good family values,” says Greg.

Greg also extended heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in their journey, acknowledging their success is a collective effort.

Looking Ahead

As OM Civil looks to the future, they are committed to continuing their tradition of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Upcoming projects and goals reflect their dedication to providing optimal client outcomes.

“Congratulations to the OM Civil team”, adds both Greg & Michael

A decade of success is a significant milestone, and OM Civil is grateful for the support from its clients, partners, and team. It remains committed to quality and excellence as it embarks on the next decade of its journey.

“Together, we grow”